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We support the path to the rule of law and integration in the EU chosen by the people of Moldova in the presidential election

Created: 2020.11.16 / Updated: 2020.11.16 10:25

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania congratulates the people of Moldova on having voted and freely expressed their political will in the presidential election in Moldova on Sunday.

The presidential election is crucial for the future of the country. In this election, the Moldovan people made it clear they want the country to continue implementing reforms, strengthening the rule of law, and integrating in the EU. We hope that Maia Sandu, who has won the presidential election in Moldova, will be able to continue the ambitious anti-corruption and justice sector reforms, as well as a Country Programme launched by the Government of Moldova in 2019 to accelerate economic development in the country.

Lithuania is ready to provide versatile support by sharing its reform and European integration experience with Moldova. Lithuania strongly supports Moldova’s independence, territorial integrity and the path of integration in the EU chosen by the Moldovan people.

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